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Adrian Georgescu, 01/02/2009 04:30 am


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Call Control is a prepaid application that can be used together with
OpenSIPS call_control module and CDRTool rating engine to limit the duration
of SIP sessions based on a prepaid balance. It can also be used to limit the
duration of any session to a predefined maximum value without debiting a

Call Control achieves this by maintaining a timer for each session and
sending BYE messages to both SIP end-points, if the session exceeds its
maximum session limit or if the Call Control receives a command to
forcefully close the call from outside.

Features * Parallel sessions using one balance per subscriber * Support for sessions that have timeout without BYE * Support for sessions that have timeout for media (using [http://mediaproxy-ng.org MediaProxy]) * Manual session stop from server terminal * Overview of ongoing sessions in the web page or server terminal * Graceful restart without loosing track of sessions * Detailed logging of all performed actions using syslog * Web page provisioning for prepaid accounts (using [http://cdrtool.ag-projects.com CDRTool]) License

This software is licensed according to the GNU General Public License version 2.

Running the server * Call Control [wiki:Installation installation] guide * CDRTool rating engine: http://download.ag-projects.com/CDRTool/doc/RATING.txt * Prepaid engine API: http://download.ag-projects.com/CDRTool/doc/PREPAID.txt === Support ===

Call Control is developed and supported by [http://ag-projects.com AG Projects]. AG Projects offers
best-effort free support. "best-effort" means that we try to solve the bugs
you report or help fix your problems as soon as we can, subject to available

You may report bugs or feature request to [mailto: ]

A mailing list archive is available at http://lists.opensips.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/users

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