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12:15 am Documentation Wiki edit: Repositories (#13)
12:14 am SIP SIMPLE Client SDK Wiki edit: SipInstallation (#209)


05:25 pm Blink Cocoa Wiki edit: Bundle-python (#17)
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10:07 am SIP2SIP Defect #3017: re-invite problems?
That's up to the recipient actually. Basically your SDP says "key, I support these codecs" and the recipient will say...


10:15 am SIP2SIP Defect #2925: Outgoing google-voice calls (Google Voice through IPKall through sip2sip) getting d...
Those 30 seconds usually mean the ACK was missing. Since we get the BYE from IPKall AFAIS in the logs, there is not m...
10:11 am SIP2SIP Defect #3017: re-invite problems?
The codec line is changed from opus/48000/2 to juust opus/48000. This is detected by us as a codec change mid-call, w...


04:31 pm SIP2SIP Defect #2813 (To be closed): 415 Unsupported Media Type on SIP Invite from DIDww
That's a response code returned by a client device, Zoiper in your case. If other clients work just fine there is not...


03:46 pm Documentation Wiki edit: Repositories (#12)


05:14 pm SylkServer Wiki edit: WebRTC (#30)

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