If you want to help us fixing a bug that you found or if you want to contribute with a new feature you must be familiar with the darcs version control system from

First make sure you are using the latest version by doing a darcs pull. Then record your changes using darcs record. Follow the following guidelines for recording your changes:

  • Keep a patch name under 80 characters, so that a darcs changes in a 80 char console is consistent and readable. If you need to write more than that, use --edit-long-comment or do not specify -m "patch name" and it will automatically ask for a patch name and a long comment. Keep the long comment inside the 80 char frame.

  • When you add a long comment, you have the patch name on the first line. After that, leave an empty line and then add the long comment starting from the 1st column. If you need to add bulleted entries in the long comment, use a dash (-) not an asterisk (*), to avoid confusion with the asterisk darcs places before every patch name.

  • Record separate patches for each distinct changes you make. Do not mix different changes in a single record.

  • Use darcs replace to rename tokens if possible instead of using a search and replace in your editor. It correctly handles cases where someone else still kept using the old name (it will automatically rename this uses of the old name when he pull the darcs replace patch, which a simple token rename done by the editor and recorded as a standard diff will never do, requiring further patches to rename the old tokens that the other developer added in his code while you were doing the renaming).

Finally, notify us on the OpenSIPS users mailing list. After approval submit the patch using:

darcs send --to